Karma enters electric pickup race

Karma enters electric pickup race

November 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Karma Corporation, November 22 at the Los Angeles Auto Show will present an instance of a pickup truck powered by an electric motor. To draw attention to this model, its image was previously distributed.

If you believe the photos, the design of the electric pickup truck will be “brutal”: the roof will be flat, sheer in front, on the body panels pointed edges, low glazing. The short hood and windshield will be with a strong tilt.

The company sees significant market opportunities for pickups on an electric motor. The considerable torque and fantastic flexibility of electric motors creates them as if to tow yachts, trailers and campers. And the flexibility of the structure of an electric car makes it possible on the same platform to create an extensive line of models of completely different classes and purposes, insuring against the risks of failure in one niche.


By 2021, the production of electric pickups will be formed thanks to small startups similar to Bollinger, large investment projects of Tesla and Rivian. At the same time, the old “auto empires” will not step aside: the new generation of America’s main pickup Ford F-150, which will appear by the beginning of 2021, has been developed from the first days with the possibility of installing traction electrical equipment.