Juan Manuel Correa: The FIA ​​report has more questions than answers

Juan Manuel Correa: The FIA ​​report has more questions than answers

February 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Juan Manuel Correa is disappointed with the results of the FIA ​​investigation last year in a race in the Spa, in which Renault junior Antoine Hubert died, and Correa received serious leg injuries.

According to the development driver Alfa Romeo, the federation did not publicize all the information about the incident.

“The FIA ​​Security Department spent more than five months on this investigation, but its results raise more questions than answers,” Correa wrote on Instagram. – In addition, I am surprised that the full text of the report did not fall into my hands, and thus still cannot come to a full understanding of the conclusions of the federation.

On August 31, 2019, the driver and my friend lost their lives, the family lost a loved one, and I received serious injuries. We cannot change the past, but maybe these sacrifices and pain may not be in vain if, ultimately, the sport becomes safer.

My lawyers and I are working to get a full copy of the accident report. I hope I can familiarize myself with it and understand the internal logic of the conclusions of the FIA, as well as the security improvements that are proposed in it. ”