Juan Manuel Correa is preparing for surgery

Juan Manuel Correa is preparing for surgery

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Relatives of Juan-Manuel Correa, who suffered severe injuries on August 31 during the Formula 2 race in Spa – in the accident that led to the death of Antoine Hubert, issued another statement about his condition.

This week, Juan Manuel was transferred to another London hospital specializing in orthopedic surgery – from the treatment of respiratory organs, doctors are moving to the restoration of the legs. Juan Manuel is fully conscious, his lungs are improving faster than expected, and the general progress and fortitude impress doctors.

The main task of this week is to best prepare for the operation, which is scheduled for Sunday and will last more than 10 hours. This operation is key to its future. For the first time after an accident, doctors will have full access to injuries to the lower right leg.

During the operation, doctors will be able to determine the actual level of damage to the lower leg, ankle and foot. They will save what can be saved and delete what needs to be removed in order to restore the right leg to the best possible condition. Surgeons are the best in their field and cautiously optimistic about the speed of recovery of Juan Manuel last week.

Juan Manuel received serious injuries, he is waiting for a very complex operation. He refused amputation of the right foot, choosing a complex reconstructive operation and understanding all the difficulties associated with it.

Additional information on the status of Juan Manuel Correa will be provided upon arrival.