Journalists got a prototype of the updated Renault Captur

Journalists got a prototype of the updated Renault Captur

February 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The French crossover is in the final stages of testing before its premiere – the date is still unknown.

After last year, automaker dealers sold 214,720 copies of the Renault Captur, this model became the most popular subcompact crossover in Europe. This is an impressive achievement for a company with a diamond logo, given that the current version of the crossover is coming to the end of its life cycle, and usually at this point sales of any model usually start to fall.

Renault guys are putting the final touches on the second-generation Captur crossover, testing a prototype city-oriented crossover in a cold climate near the Arctic Circle.

Camouflage is located in front and behind, and we have a feeling that the model has already received its serial body and optics. It is known that the crossover will be similar in appearance to the new version of the supermini Clio.

As in the case of the 5th generation supermini, the appearance of the crossover is likely to be a subtle evolution of the old one, but with features from Megane. In the cabin there will be a little more changes. Since Captur is essentially a crossover version of the Clio model, it should have a similar interior. In turn, the supermini interior has become more complex.

So far, nothing is known about the engines for the new crossover. It is possible the emergence of a 3-cylinder 1.0-liter and 4-cylinder 1.3-liter gasoline engines with turbocharging, the latter being developed in conjunction with Mercedes. A familiar 1.5-liter dCi should be available, despite the decline in popularity of diesel engines in Europe, while a hybrid with a plug-in module may appear at a later stage of the model’s life cycle.