Journalists got a prototype of the new Mazda3

Journalists got a prototype of the new Mazda3

November 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In a couple of weeks, the official presentation of the updated Mazda3 sedan will take place.

A couple of hours ago, “spy” photos of the updated Japanese Mazda3 in the back of a hatchback were at the disposal of our automobile office. Unfortunately, the seen prototype of the long-awaited novelty was completely covered with camouflage film. It is noteworthy that the journalists were able to capture the interior of the car.

Note that at the end of this month an official presentation of the car will take place – the show will be held at the upcoming Los Angeles (USA) auto show.

Already, you can see that the new Mazda3 is very similar in places to the Mazda Kai concept introduced earlier. Common is the sloping front part – apparently the novelty decided to make this bias even stronger. It is worth noting also the thin headlights and a rather large false radiator grille. The roof of the observed prototype 5-door hatchback has a sloping descent to the back of the car.

But inside the new version of the Japanese model dominates minimalism. The dashboard consists of three “wells”. The touch screen of the infotainment system is located on top of the front panel.

The new version of the Mazda3 will be the first car of the Japanese automaker to receive the engine of the Skyactiv-X family. The power plant may use compression ignition – no spark plugs are needed to ignite the fuel-air mixture. The incredibly high compression ratios required for this result in improved fuel economy and reduced emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. So far there is no data on engine power.