Journalists caught prototypes of the updated crossover Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Journalists caught prototypes of the updated crossover Alfa Romeo Stelvio

March 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Were published photos of three copies of the crossover Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Two of them received no disguise, and one, which is supposed to be a “charged” version of Quadrifoglio, hides the front and back parts.

A couple of minutes ago, foreign publications kindly shared with us “spy” photos of the updated Italian crossover Alfa Romeo Stelvio. An eyewitness, who made these pictures, managed to capture several prototypes of the novelty, which were parked in the parking lot. Apparently, one of them is nothing more than a “charged” performance of Quadrifoglio – this car received camouflage film in front and behind. Two cars out of three, did not wear any camouflage.

Comparing these images with images of the current version of the car, you can find some changes.

It looks like the center console, like the center armrest for the next Stelvio, will get a slightly different look. The gear selector and the surrounding dials look almost the same, but in fact, the gearshift lever is a bit shorter, and the lining has changed around it. It is possible that this is a minor update of the interior can expect a new version of the Giulia sedan. Not so long ago, journalists noticed several prototypes of this model with a carefully camouflaged interior.

  Perhaps the main question here is what is in front of us? Early prototypes of a completely new version of Stelvio, which so far use the body of the current crossover or just a few updates to the interior for the current generation. I can say one thing, the segment of crossovers and SUVs is developing very quickly and manufacturers are striving to present new versions of their SUV class cars as soon as possible.

 If, however, we are facing a restyled version of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, then its debut can be expected in 2020 as a 2021 model year crossover.

Not so long ago, we wrote that Alfa Romeo announced a new crossover Tonale and showed the first sketches.