Journalists captured the updated Renault Talisman sedan

Journalists captured the updated Renault Talisman sedan

March 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Renault may show a new version of the model at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall, but according to some sources, this will happen at the Geneva Motor Show (March 2020).

About a year ago, the French company Renault introduced a new 1.8-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with a capacity of 225 horsepower for the Talisman model. This was the last time the French family sedan was updated.

The new batch of “spy” photos shows that the automaker is currently preparing a more comprehensive package of improvements.

The prototype Talisman sedan prototype has some camouflage on the front end, which probably hides a revised bumper. Those who hope that the L-shaped LED strips in the bumper disappear will be disappointed. As far as we can judge, the shape and design of the grille will be slightly modified, while the lower part of the bumper will receive a new “plating”. The rear lights will get new graphics, and the rear bumper may get some changes.

The car’s interior is also camouflaged in some camouflage. This suggests that we will also see improvements in the cabin, but we very much doubt that Renault will decide to make a significant difference. It is quite possible that a revised center console will appear with new design options and an updated infotainment system.

Last year in Europe there were only 19,784 units of the Talisman model. Volkswagen Passat still dominates the D-class with sales of 154,074 units, followed by Skoda Superb with 74,697 cars sold, Opel Insignia and Ford Mondeo showed a result of 67,424 and 49,596 units sold, respectively.