Journalists captured the updated BMW X6 M crossover

Journalists captured the updated BMW X6 M crossover

May 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Reporters managed to photograph the “charged” BMW X6 M crossover. It is expected that BMW will present the standard version of the X6 before the end of the year, and the BMW X6 M, as well as the more powerful BMW X6 M Competition, should appear a little later.

Crossovers became so popular that they created a viable business case for premium automakers to create high-performance versions of similar models. That is why BMW has just added high-performance X3 M and X4 M crossovers to its lineup, and before that, the X2 was introduced in the M35i.

 BMW has not yet introduced the next-generation mid-size X6 crossover, but as you can see, testing for a more powerful performance of this car is in full swing.

The prototype, caught by foreign journalists on the Nürburgring race track, had not only the typical camouflage, but also an extra layer of disguise, which was fixed by tiny black rivets – they are most noticeable at the back door. Despite the disguise, it is easy to see the main differences between a “charged” crossover and smaller representatives of the line.

  At the corners of the front bumper are massive air intakes, as well as a protruding lip spoiler. Prototype had fully serial headlamps and even an “X6 M” badge hiding behind a piece of black ribbon on the false radiator grille on the driver’s side. By the way, the darkened grille looks quite large and impressive.

  The car also received chunky wheel arches, which contain large 19-inch rims, shod with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. The blue calipers for these massive brakes mean that this is not an ordinary version of the X6, while not the largest ground clearance hints at a stiffer suspension setting.

Not so long ago, we wrote that BMW would not work on its own pickup.