Journalists captured the updated BMW 4 Series Convertible

Journalists captured the updated BMW 4 Series Convertible

May 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian brand BMW tested several prototypes of the updated BMW 4 Series convertible on the Nürburgring at once. We expect that the coupe of the updated 4th family will be presented first, and the model version in the back of the convertible later.

Foreign journalists managed to get close enough to the prototype of the Bavarian novelty, while he was at a gas station near the Nurburgring race track, after which the car went to the test. As you will see in the video attached above, BMW tested more than one prototype of a BMW 4 Series convertible that day. All test cars were covered in fairly dense camouflage in order to hide all the secrets of the new design.

It goes without saying that the transition from a hardtop to a lighter and less complex (technically) fabric roof will lead to some significant changes, including an increased amount of luggage.

In addition, the transition to a new folding roof design, in conjunction with the transition of the BMW 4 Series to the CLAR platform, will help reduce the overall weight of the car by 55 kg.

It would be wrong to draw any conclusions regarding the style of the car, since the prototypes that we see are far from being ready for production. For example, they clearly lack the “real” taillights, and one of them does not even have a fuel cap. In addition, BMW is an expert when it comes to camouflaging its cars, so it would be wiser to wait for more advanced prototypes with less camouflage. Nevertheless, we do not expect any big surprises, considering that we are dealing with the fact that, in fact, it will be the 2nd true version of the BMW 4 Series sedan without a roof.