Journalists captured the updated Audi A1 Allroad

Journalists captured the updated Audi A1 Allroad

January 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A little more ground clearance and a few other details of the appearance – all this distinguishes the off-road version of the A1 hatchback from its standard performance. The presentation of the car is scheduled for the end of this year.

The last time we saw the upcoming Audi A1 Allroad, an off-road version of the standard hatchback, she drove along the Nürburgring race track (Germany). But apparently it was decided to expand the geography of the tests and now the car is seen in the north, apparently it is necessary to assess the behavior of the car in cold weather and conduct races on snowy roads.

No doubt, the new Audi will get the all-wheel drive system Quattro Allroad.

How do we know that this is Allroad, and not some other option A1? It’s simple, the observed car has increased ground clearance, and camouflage film at a low level of the car helps to hide wider side sills. But still, we believe that all changes in the appearance of the Audi A1 Allroad, compared with the usual version of the German hatchback will be so small that it would be difficult to see them in a parallel comparison. The Allroad version will get a slightly different front and rear bumper. But the spotlights on the roof of the car are designed exclusively for tests, but it would be great to have them as standard equipment.

  We do not expect any global changes inside the off-road version of the Audi A1. Of course, icons appear indicating that this is exactly the performance of Allroad. Under the hood, too, changes are not expected, most likely, the new product will receive a turbocharged four 200 hp.

The European debut of the model is expected at the end of this year. Even the initial price of a car is known – about 30,000 euros.