Jonathan Eddols: We decided to deviate from the plan

Jonathan Eddols: We decided to deviate from the plan

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Qualification in Monza was unsuccessful for Toro Rosso: Daniel Quat showed only the thirteenth time, Pierre Gasly – the fifteenth …

Daniil Kvyat (13th): “The qualification results do not reflect our real speed. At the end of the second session I was in traffic, the drivers ahead made mistakes and slowed down, but even in this situation I almost made it to the final. Now I am very annoyed, we were close to entering the third session, but we ourselves complicated it all. We tried to act differently, it did not work – well, a good lesson for the future.

The race will not be easy, but I still try to earn points. On Friday, we demonstrated a good pace on a long series of circles, our car is quite competitive – if we can prepare well and work just like in the Spa, the result should be good. ”

Pierre Gasley (15th): “In general, the day was positive. Since this weekend I was fined for replacing the power plant, in the morning training I worked on the race pace, trying to better feel the behavior of the car with full tanks. Nevertheless, in the qualification we still decided to compete and see how fast we would be.

I felt comfortable, STR14 was competitive, and for a while I even took the ninth line. In the second session, they put me an already rolled-up set of tires, as the team understood that in any case I would start from the last rows.

Since the beginning of the weekend, our car is fast enough, so even with a fine I have a chance of a good result in the race. Let’s see what happens on Sunday. ”

Jonathan Eddolls, chief racing engineer: “Compared to Friday today, the conditions on the track were somewhat different, and in order not to lose competitiveness, we were forced to adjust the settings. The speed in the morning workout confirmed the correctness of our decisions, the car turned out to be fast.

We understood that it would be difficult to break into the qualification finals, but if everything goes according to plan, there is still a chance – however, in any case, we needed to use slipstream. For all participants, the qualification turned out to be difficult, and in the final eight riders did not have time to leave for the second attempt, as they were too busy with the task of securing a slipstream.

In the first session on the highway at the same time there were too many cars. It was difficult to choose the right moment for the attempt, but we still managed, and both of our riders reached the second session. Everything turned out not bad, but then in the case of Daniil Kvyat we decided to deviate from the original plan to help him reach the final, but this option did not work: Kvyat remained thirteenth, Hasly remained fifteenth. All this is very annoying, because the speed of the machine allowed Pierre to get ahead of Lando Norris, but now he will start behind McLaren.

However, on a long series of laps STR14 is fast enough, and even if we start far from the desired positions, I hope we will be able to perform as confidently as a week ago in the Spa. ”

Toyoharu Tanabe, Technical Director of Honda F1: “As always happens in Monza, the fight in qualification turned out to be extremely tight, and all the teams tried to take advantage of slipstream and win back time due to it. Daniil Kvyat was not able to clear the circle and go beyond the second session. As for Pierre Gasley, before the weekend we knew that he and Max Verstappen in Red Bull Racing had to start from the last rows, since we installed the fourth power plant specification on their cars. Again, overtaking in Monza is not so difficult, so we expect that for both Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing, the race will be successful. ”