Johnny Herbert: Everyone respected Charlie Whiting

Johnny Herbert: Everyone respected Charlie Whiting

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The sudden death of Charlie Whiting in the paddock did not leave anyone indifferent. Johnny Herbert, a former Formula 1 racer, Sky Sport F1 expert, shared his thoughts on this issue.

Johnny Herbert: “We’ll miss Charlie so much. Starting with a mechanic, he knew how racers work, how they perform their tasks, and how teams work. Everything changes, but he changed with them. He never fell behind, he was one step ahead.

This is what made Charlie so popular. He was all respected. The respect from the riders was immense and he reciprocated. He was very strict with you as a driver if you did something wrong on the track, but at the same time very fair. You could sit down and talk to him about what happened.

His door was always open – and always open to all. Recently, he answered the questions of journalists, he knew that this is an important element in our sport. I don’t know how to replace him: it will probably take three or four people to do the work he did. ”