Jeremy Clarkson calls Greta Tunberg “idiot”

Jeremy Clarkson calls Greta Tunberg “idiot”

December 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The ex-host of the Top Gear program, and now the leader of the The Grand Tour project, has taken up arms against the eco-activist from nothing. In an interview with The Sun, Jeremy Clarkson accused Greta, 16, of essentially destroying car TV shows with an environmental fight.

The 59-year-old TV presenter said that thanks to activists such as Greta, the younger generation is no longer interested in cars, and this, in turn, is the reason for the decline in the popularity of television programs on four-wheeled fossil fuel eaters and air pollutants.

“Everyone I know before the age of 25 is not interested in cars. Greta Tunberg killed car shows. Before they are taught to say” mom “and” dad, “they are taught that a car is evil and it gets stuck in them in the head, “Clarkson said.

Nevertheless, global climate change does not pass by the attention of The Grand Tour: the last episode of the series will be dedicated not to cars, but to boats. “But we were not idiots, and we didn’t run in circles, shouting” We will all die, ” – said Jezza.