Jenson Button Vettel has not lost his talent

Jenson Button Vettel has not lost his talent

October 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There is a lot of talk about the political situation in Ferrari, the problems of Sebastian Vettel and his relationship with Charles Lecler. 2009 champion Jenson Button believes that everything will work out …

Jenson Button “Vettel was in a difficult situation. This year he has a young and talented partner who performs well in races. But he is supported by both the team and the fans – I always feel it when I come to the Grand Prix.

Sebastian has not lost his talent. It so happens that a car suits one rider better than another. Probably, now the car does not fit the style of piloting Vettel. Sebastian hopes that this will not happen next year. ”

2016 champion Nico Rosberg also supported the Ferrari driver: “Everyone has successes and difficulties in their careers, Sebastian is no exception. But now he has started to perform well and is again achieving high results. He will definitely recoup.

Relationship with a partner is a complex aspect, in teams they solve this problem in different ways. This is a delicate moment. Especially for Charles Lecler, because he is still very young, and it is difficult for him to cope with the current political situation in Ferrari. ”