Jeepers helped turn over the house damaged by the hurricane

Jeepers helped turn over the house damaged by the hurricane

November 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Over 12 SUVs using winches put the building in place

Members of the Bay Area Jeep Association (BAJA), which unites owners of SUVs of the same name, came to the aid of Derek and Andrew Clifton, residing in Panama City, Florida. During the hurricane “Michael”, who brought with him gusts of wind up to 240 kilometers per hour, their house turned over on the roof. It took more than a dozen jeeps to replace it.

A call for help on the social networking site Facebook posted a friend of Derek. About 30 people immediately responded to it, who came to the house on more than 12 SUVs. With the help of winches attached to the frame, they managed to put a structure weighing about 18 tons into place in eight minutes. According to club president Jonathan Jones, they have been helping victims of the hurricane for several weeks, and even organized the delivery of essential things to those in need.

In January, a video appeared on the Web with the rescue of the six-wheeled G 63 AMG 6×6 stuck in the Italian Alps. It was possible to pull the SUV out of the snow only with the help of a snowcat, first clearing the area around the stuck car.