Jeep will bring hybrid Compass and Renegade online

Jeep will bring hybrid Compass and Renegade online

July 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company will hold an online presentation of the plug-in hybrid powertrain for the Renegade and Compass SUVs.

Back in December 2019, Jeep announced the new plug-in hybrid Renegade and Compass SUVs that promise improved fuel economy and better performance than their regular versions. The new hybrid powerplant consists of a turbocharged 1.3-liter petrol engine mated to an electric motor. The Renegade is available with 187 or 237 hp. The Compass’s powerplant will only offer 237bhp, making it the most powerful SUV in Jeep’s lineup.

Both models are equipped with Jeep’s new electric all-wheel drive system. The front wheels are powered by an internal combustion engine, while the rear wheels are powered by an electric unit that generates 260 Nm of torque. The company says the system improves off-road performance thanks to the amount of torque at low revs.

To protect the powertrain from rocks and exposed tree roots when driving off-road, the Renegade PHEV is equipped with a series of steel underbody protection panels. In addition, extensive waterproofing for the battery, motor, electric motor and EV controller provides a 600mm maximum fording depth for the Renegade Trailhawk.

In all-electric mode, the vehicle can travel at a maximum speed of 130 km / h for a distance of up to 50 km. Jeep also claims the PHEV Renegade and Compass can be charged in less than 2 hours using a home charger.

Like most plug-in hybrid vehicles, both new PHEV SUVs are equipped with an energy recovery system that has two levels of regeneration.