Jeep Treo – a rather unusual concept for the company

Jeep Treo – a rather unusual concept for the company

February 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jeep Treo is a tiny all-terrain vehicle, which in the end did not get to mass production. Jeep Treo debuted in October 2003 as a concept. The car was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show and then in Detroit.

The characteristics of the American car are as follows: dual electric motors running on hydrogen, four-wheel drive, an automatic transmission, a landing formula of 2 + 1. The concept had a length of just 3,235 mm and weighed 816 kg, which makes it an ideal vehicle for the city.

Since the management of the Jeep brand is planning to introduce a very small crossover that will be smaller than the current Renegade model, it seems like a good time to recall that once the company had a similar idea.

Jeep’s development plan for 2018–2022 talks about expanding the model range. One of the new models will be the entry-level model, which will be located below the already rather small Renegade model.

What could it be? We still don’t know, but about 16 years ago, the Jeep showed a tiny crossover called the Treo.

Announced as a “city jeep”, the Treo took the form of a 3-seater car with an interesting 2 + 1 cabin layout. Its body was narrowed from front to back, where the “wings” included tail lights and also served as cooling air intakes. In addition, attachment points for two Jeep Rubicon bicycles were also placed on these small side wings.