Jeep opens world’s most extreme hotel

Jeep opens world’s most extreme hotel

September 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It is located in London, 70 meters above the ground

Jeep Europe has opened the world’s most extreme steak motel in London. There is only one room in it – but it is located at a height of 70 meters from the ground, on the support pillars of the entertainment complex The O2 Arena.

In the West, the term staycation has been mainstream for quite some time. It consists of two words: stay – to stay – and vacation – vacation. Together they mean a vacation spent in your hometown. Actually Jeep offers the residents of the British capital to get new impressions of “home leave”, but for this you have to go to the Greenwich Peninsula in South-East London. There the company “built” the most extreme motel in the world – and in fact secured a hanging tent on the supports of the entertainment complex The O2 Arena, like those used by climbers.

The opening of the motel is timed to coincide with the market launch of the Jeep Renegade 4xe. The rechargeable hybrid became part of the “customer experience” and acted in two forms at once: as a vehicle for delivering guests, as well as a generator for a portable charger, from which a WiFi router and a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa are powered. Guests of the motel can not only enjoy the sunset from their room, but also enjoy a walk on the rooftop of The O2, dine and have breakfast. They also have 24-hour concierge service, two warm sleeping bags and a protective rain cover.

With all this, Jeep promises not to be limited to this motel – in several places in London there will be pop-up locations where you can park the Renegade 4xe, but with a tent on the roof. Such “rooms with a view” will be offered to those who, for example, are afraid of heights, but still want to take a fresh look at the city.

The Jeep Renegade 4xe rechargeable hybrid is a 1.3 supercharged engine that drives the front wheels, an electric motor that turns the wheels of the rear axle, and a traction battery of 11.4 kilowatt-hours, giving 190 or 240 horsepower in total. Without starting the internal combustion engine, the crossover can travel 50 kilometers. Acceleration time to one hundred – about seven seconds. Renegade 4xe prices start at £ 32,600 in the United Kingdom.