Jeep officially opens new plant in Detroit

Jeep officially opens new plant in Detroit

June 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

A new $ 1.6 billion Mack Avenue assembly facility will build the Grand Cherokee L.

Inside the first new car assembly plant, first built in Motor City since 1991, the smell of hot metal lingers in the air as the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L SUVs drive down the welding line. For Stellantis, it’s the smell of money. For the city of Detroit, this means about 5,000 jobs.

Stellantis opened the doors of its new $ 1.6 billion Mack Avenue assembly facility on Thursday, showcasing portions of the nearly 280,000 square meter complex completed and launched during the pandemic. The on-line Grand Cherokee L vehicles are the first of a new generation of Jeep bestselling vehicles aimed at expanding the brand’s sales to customers looking for an SUV with three rows of seats.

Until now, the Grand Cherokee SUVs only offered seats for five people. Now, with seating for as many as seven passengers, Jeep can compete with market titans such as the Ford Explorer or the GMC Acadia.

The plant, which began producing cars in March, now operates three shifts a day, plant director Michael Brida said. He noted that in the face of a limited labor market, the biggest challenge facing the plant was “finding people capable of working in a production environment”. Dexterity tests were conducted during job interviews, he said.

Now the company employs about 2,100 Detroit City residents.

The importance of the new Grand Cherokee L for the Jeep brand is underscored by the fact that the plant has no semiconductor problems yet. Even though a number of Stellantis factories are idle due to shortages.