Jeep launches 1,000th armored Grand Cherokee

Jeep launches 1,000th armored Grand Cherokee

October 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A Mexican company is engaged in the release of such a highly protected SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In Europe, if they have heard about the armored SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee, then very little. But in Latin American countries, such an SUV is popular.

Thus, according to Motor Illustrated, the American automaker has already produced 1000 copies of the Jeep Grand Cherokee with armor in this region. These vehicles boast a IIIA ballistic protection level. This means that armored Jeeps will be able to withstand bullet fire: both from a conventional pistol and from a submachine gun.

By the way, experts call this class of protection light. However, in the event of an attack with a firearm, the car will be able to save the driver and his passengers.

To turn the Grand Cherokee into a fortress on wheels, its body was reinforced with ballistic steel, the engine compartment and underbody also received steel plates – excellent protection against an exploded grenade.
The glasses standard for an SUV gave way to transparent multi-layer polyvinyl, whose thickness reaches 19 mm. Also, armored Grand Cherokee rely on special tires and an upgraded suspension. There is such a “protector” in the Mexican market 1,850,900 pesos

Meanwhile, Japanese premium brand Lexus has built a 557 hp SUV for the women’s rally. The experimental car is known as the J201 Concept. This is a special version of the flagship LX570, whose main strength is cross-country driving at high speeds.