Jeep is preparing the release of a new subcompact crossover

Jeep is preparing the release of a new subcompact crossover

December 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The car is considered as the main competitor of the Japanese Suzuki Jimny and should appear by 2022.

American Jeep begins the development of a new small crossover. The car will stand a step below the Renegade in the model range of the brand. The car may receive an electric transmission, since its development will begin after the merger of FCA and PSA. The FCA said that the new car will be very convenient in urban areas, but at the same time it will retain the character and cross-country ability inherent in the Jeep brand. If we talk about the size, the length of the new cross will be slightly longer than that of the Suzuki Jimny, but at the same time inferior to the Nissan Juke. It will be very interesting to look at the engine range of the new crossover.

Jeep is very closely involved in the development of hybrid power plants for its cars, so on the new model we can see an innovative engine for the brand.

┬áIt is possible that a fully electric version will appear – the brand representatives hinted at this. In terms of electrification of the new crossover, a merger with the PSA concern could be very useful. In this case, you can use the platform for the electric versions of Peugeot 208, Vauxhall Corsa and DS3 Crossback. At the same time, you can add an electric motor to the rear axle and get an all-wheel drive version. Switching to electric energy will help the company meet the new EU emission standards for CO2. Recall that by 2021 they should not exceed 95 g / km.