Jeep Grand Cherokee turned out to be a good pickup truck

Jeep Grand Cherokee turned out to be a good pickup truck

March 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Smyth Cars offers everyone to turn their SUV Grand Cherokee (WJ generation) into a mid-size pickup truck.

Many pickup lovers want to purchase the mid-size Jeep Gladiator, which is a very good offer on the market. This is a universal car that can transport and tow quite a lot of weight, in addition, it is able to overcome serious off-road conditions. The problem is its price – the starting price is $ 33,545. And the most expensive truck is priced at $ 64,110.

 Precisely because it is very expensive, Smyth Cars presented its way out of the situation – for a moderate fee of $ 3,000, the guys will remake the mid-size Jeep Grand Cherokee from an SUV into a truck.

 The second generation WJ was chosen as the basis for the project – the choice was made because of its good suspension with a drive axle, as well as excellent engines – in-line “sixes” and V8.

If you are concerned that converting a mid-size SUV into a pickup truck will impair structural rigidity, Smyth Cars said they added a huge B-pillar reinforcement plate and a floor fixing system that connects the cargo platform floor to the front wall of the same platform. . The sides of the latter are made of thick aluminum plates.

 In order to convert the Jeep Grand Cherokee into a truck, you need to pay $ 2,999. You will also need to prepare a Grand Cherokee (WJ) donor, which should not be a problem for many of them to sell on the used car market today.