Jeep Gladiator pickup overtakes Jeep Wrangler in accessories sales

Jeep Gladiator pickup overtakes Jeep Wrangler in accessories sales

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Buyers of the medium-sized Jeep Gladiator truck spend an average of $ 1,000 to buy a variety of accessories.

The 2020 American model year Jeep Gladiator pickup truck has been on sale for the past few months. The machine is quite popular, and a variety of accessories made by Mopar are in special demand. According to statistics, the average buyer of a Jeep Wrangler SUV spends about $ 800 to buy accessories for his car, and for Gladiator buyers this figure is $ 1,000.

How did the truck become the “king of accessories” in such a short time? Mopar, which is a division of the Italian-American concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which includes Jeep, made sure that from the very first day of the start of pickup sales, almost all possible accessories were available for it.

Kim Mathers, the head of Mopar, said that over 90% of the various fixtures developed for the Gladiator were available from Jeep dealers when the truck went on sale.

“Mopar made the necessary preparations before entering the car market, because he knew that customers would want to personalize the rival Ford Ranger pickup with a few accessories. These add-ons are popular among off-road enthusiasts as well as among truck fans, ”said Mathers.

The Mopar catalog, specifically designed for Gladiator, has everything from a $ 13 plug case with a Jeep logo to a Jeep Performance front axle for $ 4,678, and a wide range of accessories. Kim Mathers mentioned that sets of lifts and protective “handrails” for the cargo platform are especially popular among buyers.