Jeep Gladiator is preparing an affordable version of Sand Runner

Jeep Gladiator is preparing an affordable version of Sand Runner

February 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Jeep seeks to diversify its lineup and create the “right” Gladiator that could satisfy everyone.

In an effort to somehow increase sales, Jeep offers a discount on its Gladiator in the amount of up to $ 9,000 to compensate for the high prices. In addition, the manufacturer is trying to diversify the lineup, introducing all new modifications of its SUVs: last week at the Chicago Motor Show, he showed a Gladiator High Altitude with a leather top along with a Gladiator Mojave without doors. Gladiator with the same Sand Runner set has come across to photo spies.

Despite the outward resemblance to the sandy Mojave, Sand Runner still has one slight difference: the Gladiator Mojave was presented to the Chicago hall with 33-inch Falken Wildpeak A / T all-terrain tires, and Sand Runner seems to be shod in Goodrich Mud-Terrain T / As of incomprehensible size. The new set of wheels differs from those that are installed on other Gladiators.

Most intriguing, while Mojave wears the new Desert Rated badge, the new SUV has the traditional Jeep designation Trail Rated. The company claims that the first badge indicates that the vehicle meets Jeep’s special criteria for fast desert driving, while Trail Rated applies only to vehicles that meet the criteria for off-road driving at low speeds.

The Sand Runner body is made in a Gobi shade with body-colored wings and a roof, as in the Chicago Mojave, and both use similar visual cues right down to the orange hooks. Perhaps the Gladiator Sand Runner is the same desert version that is slightly less capable and more affordable than Mojave. Whatever it is, since there is not the slightest camouflage on it, we are likely to learn more soon.