Jeep Dealer Offers Tuned Gladiator Pickup Version

Jeep Dealer Offers Tuned Gladiator Pickup Version

October 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The mid-size American truck was turned into a Scrambler CJ-8 by a local Jeep dealership. This performance of the Jeep Gladiator is priced at $ 51,220

Over the past few weeks, we have seen many modified versions of the American Jeep Gladiator pickup. Starting with the military version of the car from the creator of the HUMVEE SUV (company AM General), to the development of a special “booth” that is mounted on a cargo platform. I must say that the truck serves as an excellent basis for all types of cool tuning projects.

This time, the mid-sized truck decided to change the official Jeep dealership in Michigan (USA), they created their creation in honor of the legendary version of the CJ-8 Scrambler.

The visual connection between the original Scrambler and this interpretation is obvious – both the old pickup and its contemporary have orange and light brown stickers behind the front wings of the cargo platform, as well as white wheels and a frame at the rear. It is worth noting that the car is very similar to the Gladiator JT Scrambler concept introduced by Jeep, but there are still differences and they are quite significant. Nevertheless, the truck project, which was created by the company’s dealer, is nevertheless closer to the original design of the CJ-8 Scrambler.

As the basis was taken Gladiator Sport S equipment, under the hood of which is a 3.6-liter V6 engine. Today it is the only powertrain option for the Gladiator, and it is much more powerful than the original engine that was installed in the original CJ-8 Scrambler – if the engine can now develop 285 hp. (352 Nm), before its performance was only 115 hp. (285 Nm). The power of the novelty is transmitted to all four wheels through an automatic transmission.