Jeep chief designer commented on the look of the Gladiator pickup

Jeep chief designer commented on the look of the Gladiator pickup

May 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As the chief designer of the American Jeep brand said, the exterior of the mid-size Gladiator truck looks a little strange, especially in profile. According to him, creating an exterior for the truck was a difficult task.

As part of his interview, which said that creating a new pickup that would be smaller than the current Jeep Gladiator is not a priority for the automaker, the brand’s chief designer said some rather interesting words about the existing Jeep workhorse. Mark Allen admitted in an interview that designing a truck was a complex process.

 He further mentioned that the Jeep Gladiator looks rather strange when you see its side profile, and that he was mistaken in believing that a convertible top in a pickup would be a “dumb” idea.

In fact, Mark Allen says the folding fabric roof is now his “favorite feature” of the entire truck. At the same time, Jeep chief designer admits that Gladiator is “not beautiful, but pretty cool.”

Regarding the prospects for a smaller truck, Mr. Allen said that this would not happen in the near future. According to him, despite the fact that he would very much like to work on creating such a car, such a novelty is unlikely to appear in the next two or even three years. ”

 It is worth noting that Jeep is now busy with other, more important projects for him. The return of the Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer SUV is planned, as well as the presentation of a completely new generation of the mid-size SUV Grand Cherokee, as well as the three-row Grand Cherokee.