Jeep brought to Shenzhen its most economical Jeep Commander

Jeep brought to Shenzhen its most economical Jeep Commander

June 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the auto show that opened today in Shenzhen, Jeep presented the most economical version of its Commander SUV with the PHEV prefix in the title.

Visitors to the motor show in Shenzhen were able to see the Jeep Commander PHEV with a rechargeable hybrid powerplant. According to the developers, the new product consumes 20% less fuel than its petrol version. In terms of size, the most economical Jeep Commander is no different from the 2018 model year SUV. Its length, as before, is equal to 4,873 mm, its width reaches the mark of 1,892 mm, its height is 1,738 mm, and its wheelbase is 2,800 mm.

Recall, under the hood of the classic Jeep Commander hides a two-liter turbo engine with one of two recoil options – 234 or 265 horsepower. A pair of such a powerful power unit is a nine-stage “automatic” from ZF. The base version provides a front-wheel drive system, but for an extra charge you can buy an all-wheel drive SUV.

In China, for the usual Jeep Commander asking from 259,800 to 315,800 yuan. How much buyers will cost Commander PHEV is not yet known.