Jean Todt impressed with Mercedes achievements

Jean Todt impressed with Mercedes achievements

January 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

FIA President Jean Todt is impressed by the strength and stability of the Mercedes team, winning six titles in a row …

Jean Todt: “This is an amazing achievement. Few people realize how difficult it is to achieve such results. It is like lifting a 200 kilogram barbell over your head and holding it at a time when everyone else has surrendered long ago. At one time in Ferrari we won six Cubes of designers and five titles in the individual competition, but they achieved even greater success, having gained six victories. I take off my hat!

Last season turned out to be much more difficult for Mercedes than it might seem, but a combination of three factors – a great driver, a great car and a great team – again allowed them to succeed. If you do not have these factors, there will be no victory. Performing at such a level for six consecutive years is incredible, especially when you have such strong opponents – Ferrari, Red Bull with Honda engines – and they have excellent racers.

It is amazing that we have such a personality and talent as Lewis Hamilton. Every decade, we have amazing talents. Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Jim Clark, Juan Manuel Fangio, Jackie Stewart – this is the story of our sport. And when Lewis ends his career, new young talents will take his place. ”