Jean Todt: Ferrari will succeed

Jean Todt: Ferrari will succeed

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

FIA President Jean Todt led Ferrari in the most successful period in the history of the team, but his appearance in the Scuderia was partly obliged to Niki Lauda.

Jean Todt “My appearance at Ferrari is associated with Nicky Lauda. When they started talking about me, Lauda, ​​who won the title at Ferrari, was an adviser to Montezemolo. Meeting with Niki was one of the first – he invited me home to get my offers, and then talked with Montezemolo, and he agreed to take me.

Then Ferrari for a long time did not win – maybe she could not do everything right. We gradually gathered the best specialists at all levels. A strong team can work wonders, and we did it that way.

Now Ferrari has a very good and strong team. LeClaire is young, but very fast, and Vettel is a reliable racer. Can Ferrari win? To do this, you need to bring everything to mind, but I am sure that Ferrari will succeed. ”