Jean Todt: Even one victim is too much

Jean Todt: Even one victim is too much

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

FIA President Jean Todt, commenting on the tragic events of the previous week in Monza, called for continued work to improve motor safety standards.

“We saw what happened a week ago in the Spa, where Antoine Hubert died. At the moment, Juan Manuel Correa continues to fight for life, – quotes Todt “But such is the reality, and we must learn lessons and ensure that every case that led to the death of a person helps us better understand all this.” Unfortunately, the risk always remains.

But if you take the statistics, fewer people die in auto racing than in professional cycling. Nevertheless, we should not rejoice, because there are simply fewer victims, but they are. Even one such case is already too much.

Alas, motorsport is fraught with danger – to a lesser extent than in the past, but it still remains dangerous. Sometimes such an alarming bell sounds, so we want to continue to fight.

People have a short memory. Remember that until recently, when we introduced the Halo system, many said: “We do not need this.” And if you raise this topic now, they will say: “We want additional measures, not just Halo.” So all these are just emotions.

Of course, when you are responsible for making decisions, you must take them, already from the considerations that some measures can prevent new victims. Unfortunately, we understand that everything cannot be prevented.

I think that this year in technical sports, in all categories on a global scale, 21 fatalities occurred. This number includes both spectators and marshals. Of course, we monitor the situation daily. About racing cars with open wheels, about Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3, there is a lot of talk, but we must also monitor what happens in karting, where thousands of riders participate in competitions, and we want to avoid injuries. That is our goal. ”

It must be emphasized that the president of the FIA ​​spoke with the press in the morning, before the severe accident that occurred in the F3 race. Fortunately, 19-year-old Australian Alex Peroni was not injured, which confirms the effectiveness of modern security systems, including Halo.