Jean Todt: Career Alonso – a special case

Jean Todt: Career Alonso – a special case

September 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Fernando Alonso is one of the few modern racers who combined Formula 1 with performances in other series. In 2017, he missed the Monaco Grand Prix for the Indy 500, and a year later he raced in Formula 1 and WEC. Having won the title in endurance racing, the Spaniard switched to rally-raids and is preparing to participate in Dakar. However, FIA President Jean Todt doubts that one of the riders will repeat his path.

Jean Todt: “Alonso’s career is a special case, because he achieved a certain freedom of action. First, he spoke in the Grand Prix, then left Formula 1 and switched to endurance racing, performed in the USA, and now he started rally-raids.

Typically, a rider who is fully dedicated to playing in one championship cannot participate in any other races. This happened in former times, but now there is such a high level of professionalism that every racing series requires full dedication that it is impossible to combine performances in different championships.

Formula 1 racers have little free time. In the next season 22 Grand Prix, and still need time to analyze the races, work on the simulator, discussions with engineers. The riders simply do not have time for anything else. ”