Japanese Subaru revealed updated Crosstrek

Japanese Subaru revealed updated Crosstrek

October 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The car became brighter, and also received many innovations in the security system and improved technical characteristics.

Japanese auto giant Subaru introduced an updated version of the Crosstrek crossover. The developers made many changes to the new generation of the car – they touched the exterior, interior, security systems and technical specifications. From the exterior, a new design of LED headlights immediately catches your eye, which makes the car brighter and immediately highlights it on the road. In the hybrid version, it is worth noting the silver finish along the beams of the projector.

Salon has been significantly modified in terms of ergonomics. In the Premium configuration, the driver’s seat is now equipped with an electric drive. In Premium and Limited versions, the front console is equipped with a storage compartment with a backlight, which at the same time increases convenience and is an excellent design solution. The manufacturer also made it more convenient to place USB ports on the front console, and in the Limited and Hybrid USB configurations, they are also located on the rear console.

The focus of the new generation of Crosstrek was on safety. The new door locking and unlocking system now works automatically depending on the speed gained.

Engineers finalized the collision avoidance system – now in case of an accident the doors will be automatically unlocked. You can choose different driving modes in the basic configuration of the car. The gas version of the Crosstrek is equipped with a CVT gearbox and receives an auto start and stop system, as well as a proprietary Subaru SI-DRIVE transmission control system. The price of a standard car is $ 23,155. This is $ 250 more than the previous generation. For the new hybrid version of Crosstrek will have to pay $ 36,155