Japanese flying car makes first manned flight

Japanese flying car makes first manned flight

September 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video recording of a demonstration flight of a flying vehicle per passenger was published by the Japanese company SkyDrive. As the Associated Press clarifies, the developers are going to bring the process to the conveyor stage by 2023.

The video clearly shows how the device with eight propellers located around the compact passenger capsule takes off about 1.5 meters, makes a circle around the site and lands at the same place from where it took off. It is not specified whether the person inside or the movements of the car were controlled from the side.

SkyDrive developers now consider ensuring the safety of passengers as their main task. Also, work is underway in the direction of increasing the flight range: at the moment the car is able to stay in the air for no longer than 10 minutes, but the designers plan to extend this time at least up to 30.

Unlike air vehicles already sold in the United States and some European countries, the Japanese car does not have a wheeled chassis, so it cannot move on the ground. However, SkyDrive hopes to be able to position it as a personal air transport.