Japanese cops now have a Lexus super coupe in their arsenal

Japanese cops now have a Lexus super coupe in their arsenal

September 19, 2020 1 By autotimesnews

This advanced premium vehicle will assist law enforcement officers in ensuring road safety.

Toyota gave the local traffic police a gift. Now the police on the Japanese island of Honshu have a cool patrol car based on the upgraded Lexus LC500 coupe.

The rear-wheel drive coupe receives an “aspirated” V8 of five liters, producing 477 hp. To help him, 10-speed automatic transmission is given. The Lexus police officer is equipped with a “smart” electronic stabilization system. With its help, the traffic police will feel confident when cornering at high speeds. The car tried on the colors traditional for police vehicles: white and blue. He also got flashing beacons and the necessary special devices – for the latter there was a place in the cabin.

This police modification of the premium coupe was estimated at 14.4 million yen.

Meanwhile, Lexus has unveiled the updated LS flagship sedan for Europe. Recall that the world premiere of the car took place in July. The main difference between the European version will be the presence of an exclusively hybrid motor.