Japan introduces special driving licenses for seniors

Japan introduces special driving licenses for seniors

June 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

New rights will apply only to cars equipped with electronic assistants: in particular, automatic braking.

The Japanese government will issue its citizens, whose age is more than 75 years, special rights, the effect of which applies to cars equipped with various electronic “assistants”, one of which is the emergency braking system, according to the Nikkei newspaper.

Such measures are considered by the authorities to be justified due to the large number of accidents into which older people fall. Many of them simply slow to react to changes in the traffic situation, or even confuse the pedals.

At first, “license-rights” will be issued on a voluntary basis instead of standard driver’s licenses. Mandatory receipt of the document will be possible after a wider use and cheaper cars with technology-assistants. The government also plans to consult with automakers about installing electronic assistants in low-cost car models.

Drivers in Japan, whose age exceeds 75 years, pay higher premiums for insurance, with the introduction of special rights, the elderly will receive a 10% discount to pay for the policy.

Last year, 3,500 people died on Japanese highways: a record low number, counting from 1948, when similar statistics started counting down. But the police are worried about something else: more than half of the perpetrators of road accidents are over 65 years old. And since the population of Japan is aging from year to year, the problem will only get worse.