James Ellison: We’re a little slower

James Ellison: We’re a little slower

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Like a year ago, Ferrari racers were leading the Spa on Friday, but the Mercedes lag was greater than then. The team recognize that they must add …

James Ellison, Technical Director: “During Friday’s training, we made some progress in working with machines, but much needs to be done to be in better shape tomorrow and Sunday. Today, we were slightly inferior in pace with a small amount of fuel and at a long distance.

In the morning, the balance of the car provoked understeer, and on local asphalt, the tires quickly wear out if the balance is not optimal. This interferes with both fast laps and long runs – if you have problems with balance, you cannot use tires efficiently. “We need to make small adjustments, quickly find the necessary settings in order to return to the level that was before the summer break.”

Valtteri Bottas (3rd): “It’s nice to get back behind the wheel on such a track – today I had fun. We worked out the entire program, making some progress.

We knew in advance that Ferrari and Red Bull would be strong on this track, but today Ferrari cars were especially fast on direct cars. “We will try to reduce the gap so that tomorrow we can impose a fight, but for this we need to take a big step.”

Lewis Hamilton (4th): “At the beginning of the first training, there was a problem with the gas pedal, the car lost speed, and the speed was not regulated, but with the help of the switches on the steering wheel I was able to regain control and get to the boxes. When I left for the second time, another problem arose, but in the end I managed to drive a few laps.

Before the start of the second training session, we made some adjustments and the car added, but we have to work hard tonight to get more out of it tomorrow.

Ferrari is very fast in the first sector, we play a little in the second, and in the third our pace is very similar. They were very fast on direct all year, which this weekend could bring them an edge. We lack speed, but we need to find a way to impose a fight on them. ”