Jaguar will put an end to the R-modifications

Jaguar will put an end to the R-modifications

March 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that the British brand decided to reorganize its model range, and it will be done in the most radical way.

Recently reported that Jaguar Land Rover is going to expand the line of SVR-modifications crossover I-Pace. But as it became known to the British portal Autoexpress, along with the extension of the SVR line, the company is going to “abandon” the line of R-versions.

According to the head of the SVO-unit Wayne Burgess, who spoke with British journalists, from now on the company will focus on cars in the modifications of S and SVR. This decision is due to the fact that in 2014 the positions of the Special Vehicle Operations division were significantly strengthened, and the cars produced with the SVR nameplates began to compete directly with the R-series cars. Excessive confusion of the company to anything, and the production capacity of Jaguar Land Rover is limited.

The head of the SVO division is sure that this approach will allow the models of the SVR-series to be more abstracted from the standard models of the brand, which will allow the company to get rid of price conflicts.

To deal with the models of the R-series Jaguar Land Rover has already begun. The most powerful version of the F-Pace model until the last days was available in version S, which has a compressor six-cylinder engine for three liters and 380 horsepower under the hood, and a couple of days ago the company introduced a 550-strong modification of the SVR.

In the near future along this path will go and other models of Jaguar.