Jaguar started testing electric XJ

Jaguar started testing electric XJ

March 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Photo spies spotted an electric sedan during testing.

The luxury Jaguar XJ on an electrified MLA platform designed for electric cars and hybrids will replace the gasoline XJ, which finished last summer. The XJ is expected to go on sale this year.

The British automaker has made great efforts to hide the design of the upcoming electric car, but this spy photo makes it clear that the car continues the history of the automaker to create smooth sedans. The upgraded electric XJ will have all-wheel drive and electric motors front and rear.

Jaguar executives said the XJ would not be the usual large luxury sedan that was electrified. Under the seats is a 90.0 kWh battery. XJ should also show the fruits of cooperation with BMW. This summer, automakers signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of electrification (EDU).

It is expected that the electric XJ will be introduced and go on sale later this year.