Jaguar staged a race between the crossover I-Pace and its toy model

Jaguar staged a race between the crossover I-Pace and its toy model

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Jaguar team decided to check who is faster – the I-Pace electric crossover or a small copy of it. Yes, the result is predictable, but looking at this confrontation is still very entertaining.

How cool it was when in my action, all the boys competed not in the number of built buildings, sown fields or any other such nonsense in some dubious game like Minecraft, but played in a real game. We drove in toy races or ran with toy trimmings, pistols and played “war games”. Was cool!

Special racing kits were sold, which consisted of the plastic parts of the road and the cars themselves. This was at a time when such iconic game consoles as Nintendo and Sega were not so popular and we did not spend all our free time on them.

 I was reminded of my action by a video called Drivetribe. The guys and the British brand Jaguar decided to arrange a race between the real I-Pace crossover and its small copy, which will roll along its own road.

The eTrophy racing system was built, and the model is controlled by Jack Lambert of Jaguar, who is the lead engineer for the I-Pace project. In length, the race track takes 30.48 meters. Under the hood of the electric crossover I-Pace is an electrical installation for 400 horsepower, so that the car can accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds. For comparison, a toy model can go only 22.53 km / h, and besides, it is much lighter than a large car.

Which version of the British SUV will win? Well, of course, the real I-Pace wins. Yes, yes, yes, the result of this race was predictable, but nevertheless, the automaker’s team went to create this confrontation. After all, it is very, very fun to at least briefly return to virginity.