Jaguar spoke about the future of his sports roadster F-Type

Jaguar spoke about the future of his sports roadster F-Type

March 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A spokesman for the British brand says that the prestigious brand is not going to give up its 2-door sports car.

As part of his interview last year, Ian Callum, the chief designer of the British automaker, Jaguar, mentioned that the replacement of the legendary F-Type sports model is bound to happen. According to him, the receiver of the double roadster will be an electric vehicle with a medium engine, such as the previously presented C-X75 Concept.

Mr. Callum also added that in the model range of the British brand there will always be a two-door sports coupe / roadster.

Speaking to journalists from Top Gear, the chief designer, who made an outstanding career by creating many truly beautiful cars, confirmed that no matter how popular crossovers / SUVs in the modern world have become, F-Type-like sports models will always be part of Jaguar rulers.

  “It is the two-door coupe that is important for our brand. The sales volumes of this model may not be high, but we will build these sports cars, no matter what, ”Mr. Callum noted separately.

  Callum was asked about the future engines for the sports coupe, to which he responded in exactly the same way as before, although a bit more vaguely. He said the car could get a fully electric motor. The chief designer of the company Jaguar is confident that the future of cars for electric motors, which take energy from rechargeable batteries.

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