Jaguar set a speed record on the water

Jaguar set a speed record on the water

June 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Jaguar set a record speed on the water among boats equipped with an electric power plant. The video of the race is published on the official YouTube channel of the British manufacturer.

A boat called Jaguar Vector Racing V20E was developed with the participation of Williams Advanced Engineering – part of a large corporation, which also includes the team of Formula 1 Williams. The design of the boat uses the operating time used in racing cars race Formula-E.

At the rear of the boat there are two Yasa electric motors with a total capacity of 299 horsepower. The weight of the boat is 320 kilograms.

To establish the record of the boat it was necessary to make two arrivals in opposite directions within 20 minutes. The speed was fixed on a section of one kilometer. As a result, Jaguar Vector was able to accelerate to 142.6 kilometers per hour – 19 kilometers per hour faster than the previous record, set in 2008.

The absolute record of speed on water is 511 kilometers per hour. It was installed in 1978 and has not yet been beaten.