Jaguar postpones electric flagship for a long time

Jaguar postpones electric flagship for a long time

October 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company faced difficulties in developing an electric car

Development and preparation for production of the new Jaguar executive sedan, which will be the ideological successor to the XJ model, has stalled and hardly moved forward. The British edition of The Times writes about such a rumor.

The new model was to receive, among other things, an all-electric drive. Her debut has already been officially pushed back from early to late 2021.

However, now the publication has not been able to find out about the timing of the appearance of the car we can talk about. The official representative of Jaguar limited himself to the words that “there is no new information on the successor to the XJ model.”

The new flagship sedan was to be the first electric vehicle to be produced at Jaguar Land Rover’s facilities. The brand already has an electric crossover I-Pace, but the Canadian corporation Magna makes it under contract at its Austrian plant.

The delay in the appearance of the XJ is connected not only with technical difficulties in the development and re-equipment of production, but also with financial difficulties. Because of the cornavirus and the crisis it caused, JLR has an urgent need to cut costs, including on the development of new electric vehicles.