Jaguar models will be made from less fortunate brethren

Jaguar models will be made from less fortunate brethren

April 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company developed a program to recycle aluminum taken from old Jaguar models to make components for new models. Thus, body panels will be made from recycled aluminum.

Reality is part of a closed-loop strategy, according to which Jaguar Land Rover will reuse metal in next-generation models. Ultimately, this scheme will significantly reduce the need for metal, as well as reduce the level of carbon dioxide emissions. The British brand has already reduced CO2 emissions at production by 46% for each car that has been produced. The company requires 180,000 tons of aluminum annually.

Reality is currently being tested on pre-production I-Pace samples. Aluminum parts are separated from the body and sent to the smelting, after which the new components will be tested to ensure that they are safe and durable enough for use in production models.

It should be noted that other companies have taken this path. So, starting in 2025, Volvo will use up to 25% recycled plastic in production. Renault recycles used batteries from electric models to reduce energy costs.