Jaguar Land Rover wins trial by Chinese copycat

March 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese Landwind X7 crossover, which is very similar to the prestigious Range Rover Evoque crossover from the British Land Rover, should be immediately discontinued.

For many years, Chinese automakers have frustrated plans and ideas of famous automakers from other countries of the world. They just simply copied the designs of cars of famous brands and presented them for their own ideas. And up to this point they got away with it.

  A couple of hours ago, it became known that Jaguar Land Rover won a landmark case against the Chinese Jiangling Motor Corporation after a court in Beijing ruled that the Landwind X7 crossover is too similar to the British Range Rover Evoque.

According to the foreign publication The Guardian, in this case five specific areas of the car were identified, for which 100% similarity was recognized.

However, the price of these two crossovers is clearly different and quite strong – the British Range Rover Evoque is much more expensive than its Chinese fake.

After the end of the three-year lawsuit, Jiangling Motor Corporation will have to pay an indefinite amount of compensation to Jaguar Land Rover and immediately cease production of the Landwind X7 model.

Now that the Western automaker has won a case against a Chinese brand, other companies whose design ideas have also been brazenly stolen can start suing Chinese offenders. It was assumed that the German brand Porsche was going to file a lawsuit against the Chinese Zotye back in 2016 after he stated that the Chinese T700 crossover almost completely copies the external and internal appearance of their compact Macan crossover.