Jaguar Land Rover will test materials using aerospace technology

Jaguar Land Rover will test materials using aerospace technology

October 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As part of the new project, the company will consider additional metals and composites to reduce the weight of future models.

UK-based Jaguar Land Rover has announced “groundbreaking” research to test new lightweight materials for use in future models.

A two-year project using sensor technologies developed for the aerospace industry will explore how innovative metals and composites respond to harsh or corrosive environments.

The materials will be tested in “some of the most extreme physical conditions in the world” over 250,000 miles in various parts of North America.

The data collected during testing will be shared with the UK product development team so that they can accurately predict the future behavior of these materials. This means that any innovation in this area can meet “strict company standards” in terms of durability and quality.

Lead Engineer Matt Walters said the research project exemplifies “the brand’s commitment to developing lightweight and durable materials for our cars of the future.”

The study, which involves “world-class partners”, is part of a consortium of aluminum and other car manufacturers with similar goals. It is based on research projects such as JLR’s 2019 test of printed structural electronics for interiors, which allegedly reduced the weight of automotive electronics by up to 60%.