Jaguar Land Rover will teach to fight with motion sickness

Jaguar Land Rover will teach to fight with motion sickness

November 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company’s research center has developed an algorithm for determining poor health

Future models of Jaguar Land Rover will be able to determine the tendency to motion sickness and automatically change the settings of the chassis, air conditioning system and the position of the seats to combat motion sickness. To this end, during a large-scale study, a complex algorithm was developed that calculates the “health indicators” of the driver and passengers.

Statistics say that more than 70 percent of people are subject to motion sickness in a car, and so far little has been known about the causes and ways of dealing with it. JLR specialists traveled more than 24 thousand kilometers to systematize data and analyzed the effects caused, for example, by checking mail in a car. This allowed us to create a basic motion algorithm for UAVs with a minimum number of taxiing.

Information about the physiological state of the driver such a system receives from biometric sensors. These data are superimposed on the indicators of speed and lateral loads to form a “health indicator”. Based on it, the algorithm determines the likelihood of motion sickness and adjusts the vehicle accordingly.

Citroen also offers to combat motion sickness in cars. The French manufacturer invented the SEETROËN glasses, inside the rim of which there is a liquid moving along the frontal (left-right) and sagittal axis (forward-backward). Thanks to her glasses recreate the horizon line, eliminating the conflict between different senses.