Jaguar Land Rover uses a Labrador’s paw printed on a 3D printer to test coverage

Jaguar Land Rover uses a Labrador’s paw printed on a 3D printer to test coverage

December 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

To assess the reliability of the paintwork of the brand cars, the engineers came up with an unusual, but very effective test.

To test the durability of the paint of their cars, Jaguar Land Rover invented an original technology called RoboYogi. Engineers of the brand printed on a 3D printer the paw of a Labrador named Yoga. With such equipment, they can evaluate how much the rear bumper cover can withstand dog claws. The first to use the new technology was the Land Rover Defender SUV. Tests have shown that the paintwork of the bumper of this SUV can withstand constant contact with animals for more than 10 years.

 To model the paw, it took a whole series of preparatory measures. So, the Labrador Yoga from the Guide Dog Breeding Center had to jump into the trunk of an SUV several times and jump out of it. At this time, every movement of the dog was recorded, which helped experts calculate the pressure that is exerted on the car when a dog jumps into it. The printed paw was provided with a spring to recreate the jumping of a real dog.

The tests themselves totaled five thousand cycles at once: in the first stages, the RoboYogi paw scratched the bumper in ten different places, after which all external influence was limited to one side. And this process was put on repeat.

Recall that earlier Tesla added a special mode for dogs to its electric vehicles. The electric car independently selects a comfortable temperature for pets left in the cabin so that car owners do not worry about their well-being.