Jaguar Land Rover provides 160 cars to fight against coronavirus

Jaguar Land Rover provides 160 cars to fight against coronavirus

April 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Cars are used to deliver food and supplies to the elderly and those vulnerable to the virus.

Jaguar Land Rover will provide more than 160 vehicles, including the new Land Rover Defender, for emergency use by coronavirus outbreak control teams.

The manufacturer has already provided the British Red Cross with access to 57 vehicles, including 27 new Land Rover Defender, for delivering food and medicine to vulnerable and elderly people. A further 65 vehicles support Red Cross efforts in Australia, France, South Africa and Spain.

The JLR also lends vehicles to the National Health and Emergency Services to support local efforts and the provision of protective equipment, including safety glasses, to a number of NHS hospitals. He intends to deploy new cars in the coming weeks.

Vehicles handed over to the Red Cross and NHS were taken from the JLR press fleet and include the Land Rover Defender, intended for use on presentations that were delayed.

Simon Lewis, head of the crisis management team at the British Red Cross, said the “generous support” would allow his teams to “reach even more people living in isolated communities than we could have done alone.”

Like other British manufacturers, JLR works with the UK government to offer its expertise in a wide range of research, development and production. These include digital engineering and design, 3D printing of models and prototypes, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Land Rover has a long-standing relationship with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which has existed for over 65 years.