Jaguar Land Rover offers an innovative ventilation system

Jaguar Land Rover offers an innovative ventilation system

March 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The ventilation and air conditioning system, which will be equipped with all new models of the British brand, will be able to kill bacteria in the cabin. The automaker is developing a system of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, taking into account the possibility of air disinfection.

The largest British car maker is working on technologies that can help stop the spread of colds and flu. It uses innovative ultraviolet light technology (UV-C), which has been used in the medical industry for more than 70 years to disinfect water, filter air and sterilize surfaces.

 Jaguar Land Rover wants to integrate this technology into its cars to prevent bacteria and harmful viruses known as pathogens from surviving in the car.

The Jaguar Land Rover system exposes the pathogens to ultraviolet radiation, the installation for which will be integrated into the cabin air-conditioning system, which allows only clean air to enter the salon.

  “The average motorist spends driving for up to 300 hours a year,” says Steve Ailey, chief medical director of Jaguar Land Rover. “There is a clear opportunity to better use cars for the provision of preventive medical care.”

  It is reported that Jaguar Land Rover engineers have already begun working on pathogen neutralization technology in their latest generations of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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