Jaguar Land Rover narrows the range

Jaguar Land Rover narrows the range

June 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British manufacturer will critically evaluate the range and decide what to do with it within a few weeks. Due to the current crisis, it may well happen that some models disappear.

Jaguar Land Rover still does not want to take any steps, but, according to foreign media reports, within a few weeks it will become clear what serious consequences the coronavirus has for the automaker.

In an interview with JLR financial director P. B. Balaji, the British manufacturer first wants to determine how quickly global sales will recover after the strong blows that the pandemic is now delivering. Then the manufacturer will decide whether investments in new projects will be reduced and whether it will be necessary to stop the production of existing models.

“As a JLR, we need to wait a few more weeks to better understand the implications.” Then we will see if Jaguar Land Rover supplies should be reduced if global sales do not increase, ”said Balaji.

According to Adrian Mardell, Jaguar Land Rover CFO, some new development programs have already been suspended, and recalled that the automaker had already participated in a cost-cutting program after sales fell in China in the previous fiscal year.